Social Media Policy

This document contains information for users about the objectives and type of content shared on Cefriel’s social media and sets out the rules of conduct to be followed to encourage listening and discussion with parties who wish to interact.

Cefriel shares its content via the company website and social media to provide information on digital innovation by publicizing its initiatives, solutions and projects and detailed materials that it has developed and published and events that it has organized. Its social media outreach is also aimed at engagement through discussion and dialogue, with a view to sharing knowledge. Cefriel may repost interesting content about digital innovation, after checking that it is reliable and without assuming any liability for any incorrect or incomplete information from third parties. Content produced by Cefriel can be recognized by the logo and may be used according to the license indicated in the various materials.

Cefriel does not promote or share:

  • content on issues subject to legal disputes and protected by copyright

  • confidential information or information protected by the right to privacy

  • personal information or sensitive data

  • private and confidential information, of exclusive interest to the individuals concerned.

Moderation and netiquette
Cefriel’s social media accounts are monitored daily; moderation takes place within 48 hours of comments or content being posted by users. Messages are replied to within 24 hours of being sent. The staff undertakes to guarantee a space for dialogue between users, providing accurate, helpful information and inviting those wishing to interact to “sign” a dialogue agreement in accordance with the rules of netiquette.

Users are therefore invited to:

1. share their opinions on the basis of accurate, verified data, as far as possible
2. respect the opinions of others and avoid any insults, vulgarity, offensive remarks, threats, aggressive attitude or anything that might provoke illegal behavior and/or undermines the dignity of others
3. avoid publishing information containing sensitive data in violation of users’ privacy and that would harm the personal life of third parties
4. avoid publishing opinions that are off topic or spam
5. avoid publishing material that violates copyright rules
6. avoid publishing sales promotion material
7. avoid publishing political propaganda.

The staff will remove any posts, comments or audio/video materials that:

1. include political content or propaganda
2. contain sales promotion material
3. contain inappropriate language and/or are written in a threatening, violent, vulgar or disrespectful tone
4. include illegal content or incite illegal activities
5. include offensive, misleading, or alarmist content or violate the rights of third parties
6. disclose personal data and information or information that could cause damage or harm to the people’s reputation
7. include obscene, pornographic or child pornography content, or such that it could offend users
8. include discriminatory content based on gender, race, ethnicity, language, religious belief, political opinion, sexual orientation, age, or personal and social conditions
9. encourage or support illegal activities that constitute copyright infringement or misuse of a registered trademark.

The staff reserves the right to ban or block users who repeatedly violate these rules or those stated in the policies of the platforms used by Cefriel (where possible after an initial warning) to prevent any further comments/posts. Users who commit serious violations in terms of the type of content and/or frequency may, at the staff’s discretion, be reported to the operators of the platform where the violations occurred and/or possibly to the police. Messages containing personal data (email addresses, telephone numbers, addresses or other) may be removed to protect the persons concerned.

Users’ personal data will be processed according to the terms of use of the platforms used. Data sent via private messages will be processed in accordance with current privacy legislation.

Cefriel has company accounts on LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, Medium and Facebook. Cefriel’s institutional profiles are managed by the Marketing & Communication Team. Any social profiles belonging to the CEO or other senior figures are managed personally. Likewise, profiles belonging to Cefriel employees and consultants are managed exclusively in a personal capacity, according to the internal Social Media Policy.

The Cefriel LinkedIn page, which can be accessed at, publishes content in line with this Social Media Policy. This space can be used to comment and share published content, in accordance with the rules stated above.

Cefriel’s official Twitter profile is @Cefriel, which can be accessed via Published content can be tweeted, retweeted and commented on using Twitter, in accordance with the rules established in this Social Media Policy. Users can interact with the staff both publicly and via direct message.

The official Cefriel Youtube channel is available at The channel features popular videos on digital innovation, events, interviews with internal professionals and conference proceedings organized by Cefriel or partner organizations. Users can interact by subscribing to the channel, liking, disliking and commenting, in accordance with this Social Media Policy.

The official Cefriel Medium channel, available at, contains insights and vision related contents by Cefriel’s internal experts. This channel is not regularly added to, and at the time of writing this policy (January 2022) it was no longer being updated. Cefriel is not responsible for additional profiles referred to it on Medium.

The official Cefriel Facebook page is @Cefriel, which can be accessed on Published content can be commented on in Facebook, in accordance with the rules established in this Social Media Policy. The page is not regularly added to. Users can interact with the staff both publicly and via private messages. Cefriel is not responsible for any additional pages, accounts or groups referring to it on Facebook.

Users can send reports or comments relating to the contents of this media policy to the address