Product and Experience Design

A design-driven approach for the “find” engine of, redesigned by Cefriel


April 29, 2024

The new AI-based search engine was released in the last weeks, after having been redesigned by Cefriel, together with the innovative startup, to optimize its functionality, user experience, and look & feel.

The solution proposed by wants to stand out for using AI to pre-qualify relevant information searched on the web and offering valuable insights to its subscribers.

“In order to grow and reach an increasing number of users” – Isabell Clauss, Managing Director of, says – “we were aiming at improving the usability of our portal and identify the most critical improvement potentials to prioritize the interventions to be implemented. In the context of our already high customer experience we were thriving for creating an even simpler and more stimulating experience for our users. We prioritized user experience by revamping our find engine with innovative features and streamlining the onboarding process. This included creating intuitive workflows and interactions for a seamless user journey. Additionally, we focused on strengthening’s brand identity by establishing a consistent and coordinated image across all touchpoints, enhancing our market competitiveness.”.

Cefriel, starting from a usability assessment of the platform, addressed the critical aspects of the user experience (UX) and the user interface (UI) by proposing solutions that are consistent with usability principles and featuring a design that is compliant with’s brand. The result is an intuitive, simple, but also captivating interface that effectively guides and accompanies users in searching and using either textual or graphic content.

“We focused on simplifying content find processes” – Clara Failla, Head of Unit Product and Experience Design at Cefriel explains – “by enabling the selection of relevant data according to specific requirements, thus enhancing the use of’s Artificial Intelligence-based tools”.

When asked whether the project had a strong impact on users, Isabell Claus confirms: “Leveraging Cefriel’s methodology, we conducted a comprehensive analysis to address all key user pain points. This swift approach led to a rapid solution launch, generating a wave of positive user feedback. Growth in subscriber numbers was just the beginning. We saw a dramatic increase in time spent on the platform and a surge in requests for new categories and saved searches, demonstrating exceptional user engagement”.

“One of the things I appreciated most in working with Cefriel” – Claus concludes – “was the opportunity to leverage professionals with a consolidated experience, thus making it easier and more effective managing the constantly and rapidly evolving knowledge amount, as well as the numerous tools and multiple use cases. The customer satisfaction we obtained encourages us to keep on collaborating with Cefriel to make our product even more distinctive and recognizable within the crowded market of AI-based platforms”.