The challenge companies face in building their future

Due to a context in constant, rapid evolution, companies require skills and operating models that allow them to capture all the potentialities of being able to leverage advanced technologies to build their future.

Cefriel’s activities fall into three key action areas to support businesses and the public administration at crucial turning points in their responsible and sustainable development.

Strategic consulting

in digital innovation

Cefriel helps companies define their vision and establish their strategies for seizing on digital technologies, helping them scout and assess innovative technologies, then build and manage a portfolio of digital innovation projects.



Strategy & roadmap


Design and development

of digital services and products

Cefriel designs and develops innovative solutions that harness the potential of technologies and digital services.

Cefriel assists companies from market analysis to solution design, development, and deployment.

Concept e prototyping

Software solutions

Smart products

Innovative services & business models

Capability Build Up

of competences, organization, and processes

Cefriel helps companies and the public administration define, develop, and manage the business capabilities needed to strengthen and equip the organization so it can respond effectively to the challenges posed by competition.

These are more than just “simple” advisory sessions. They are fully-fledged plans to grow the organization sustainably and autonomously.

Organizational models

Support tools & platforms

Open innovation processes

Skills and expertise