We help industries leverage digital transformation opportunities to enable the Smart Factory


Digital transformation is enabled by digital technologies that, combined with a mix of skills, can take forward this process that enables the Industry 5.0 paradigm, optimizing productivity and improving plant equipment maintenance.


What are the benefits of digital transformation opportunities?

Automating and optimizing production processes for increased operational efficiency, reduced production time, and improved product quality

Increasing productivity by implementing solutions that are able to monitor and optimize machine performances, identify inefficiencies, and make continuous improvements

Managing the supply chain in a more efficient and integrated way, in order to track goods in real time and thus reduce the risk of interruptions or delays

Reducing waste and optimizing procurement through data analysis and raw material monitoring

Optimizing maintenance through predictive analytics that can detect anomalies and report whenever interventions are needed, to reduce machine downtime and increase the overall efficiency of production plants


How do we enable the creation of smart factories?

Through a wide knowledge of business needs and the technological solutions to be adopted, we lead industries in developing the strategic business vision and its implementation by planning the adoption of innovative technologies and services.


Together with the company, we define a strategy to improve the sustainability level of its manufacturing plants, through dedicated tools and models.

Sustainability Plant Strategy

We define a digital maturity model for the company to chart possible digitalization paths, in order to achieve corporate objectives, and we define the governance process and tool to manage digital initiatives and monitor the project portfolio.

IIOT Cloud Platforms

We digitize and make reusable the company know-how related to industrial processes and field services.

Knowledge Digitalization

We help companies adopt digital technologies for the new generation of industrial machines, in order to enable new services and optimize industrial processes.

Manufacturing Digital Strategy & Governance

We define a digital maturity model for the company to chart possible digitalization paths and thus achieve corporate objectives. We identify a governance tool and process to manage digital initiatives and monitor the project portfolio.

Decision Support & Process Optimization

We assess and improve the efficiency of production processes and the quality of final products, by helping operators through decision support systems based on artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

Tracking and localization

We help companies adopt and improve the tracking and locationing of their assets, during the production and logistics transport process, by choosing and using the IoT technologies that best meet their needs.

Manufacturing 5.0 learning program

We provide training courses for blue / white collars that aim at increasing their knowledge on digital technologies for manufacturing plants and at setting up an adoption plan.

Technology Scouting

We develop solutions and services to manage companies' industrial data by using the market platforms that best meet their needs.

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