We support companies in the management and digitization strategy of their corporate knowledge to enhance their information assets and build new business opportunities


In a globalized society, increasingly committed to generating and exchanging data and information, it is often difficult to distinguish what is relevant from what is “noise” instead. Focusing attention on knowledge means giving a central role to information meaning. Technologies for the digital representation of knowledge enable effective information exchange not only between people, but also between heterogeneous information systems.


What are the benefits of a digital and strategic management of business knowledge?

Knowledge sharing and capitalization to discover new opportunities

Exchange of information based on what it means between people and systems

Knowledge harmonization and integration between different information sources

Interoperability, compliance with standards, and compliance with data exchange regulations


How can we strategically manage knowledge to be successful?

By leveraging knowledge technologies, we help our clients digitize and capitalize corporate knowledge, enabling effective information exchange between people and information systems.

Knowledge Collection

We give voice to people, engaging them in the collection and systematization of corporate knowledge, through workshops and survey campaigns

Knowledge Modeling

We promote the adoption of models and standards to represent digital knowledge and thus to reduce the heterogeneity of corporate information assets

Knowledge Graph

We harmonize corporate knowledge assets to enable their sharing, integration, enhancement, and reuse

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