Industry 4.0 Powering Europe

In smart production plants, it could take a long time to react to problems, thus impacting on the production itself. Therefore, it is crucial to control what is happening at the production level, so to avoid delays and stops in the production process, increase efficiency, and support decision making.

The “Industry 4.0 Powering Europe” project aimed at creating industry 4.0 solutions that are able to provide relevant information to optimize industrial workflow by means digital technologies through IoT sensors, smart products, analytics algorithms, and visualization tools.

Objective of the project, developed by EIT Digital with a team of international partners, was actually to answer to industrial customers’ real needs: enabling fast reacting to what is happening, reducing production stops, supporting decision making, and analyzing historic trends. Two projects solutions were thus created for the production monitoring & controlling:

1. A web-based industry 4.0 monitoring solution for big industrial printers. By aggregating data coming real-time from machine sensors (up to 8GB /day), the solution can provide operators with a global overview of what is happening at the print floor through selected KPIs, support print floor managers in decision making to decrease the reaction time, and provide support for historic data trends analysis.

2. An on-premise solution to monitor logistic aspects of an assembly line in the automotive sector. In order to prevent the unavailability of assembly line components, the solution monitors the filling status of assembly line containers, leveraging on weight sensors and  ad-hoc estimation algorithms. When collaboration robots are involved in the assembly line in a jointly cell, it possible to monitor the human-robot collaboration to understand how it is actually working and to improve it.

Cefriel was responsible for the management and coordination of this international EIT Digital activity. From the technical point of view, Cefriel was also responsible for the dashboard development activity in both solutions, ranging from ideation, requirements definition, graphical mock-up and data visualization study, to dashboard modules software development.

Cefriel shows the “Industry 4.0 Powering Europe” project at Digital Industry of Tomorrow

November 30th, Cefriel presents the results of the Industry 4.0 Powering Europe project at the Digital Industry of Tomorrow event promoted by EIT Digital in Helsinky.

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