CPDP Computers, Privacy & Data Protection 2017 – The age of intelligent machines

Thursday, 26 January 2017, Enrico Frumento of Cefriel will be a panelist in the session WORKPLACE PRIVACY & SOCIAL ENGINEERING 2.0, organised by DOGANA Project within the 10th International Conference CPDP 2017 in Brussels.

It is widely recognised that most cyberattacks include the human element as a major component – often characterised as Social Engineering. Recent developments in the field amplify this problem even further, as Social Engineering 2.0 utilises a high level of sophistication and more complex attacks, employing psychological manipulation in the digital realm to make people perform compromising actions or divulge confidential information. As a result, many companies consider higher cybersecurity measures to safeguard their information assets, leading to many managerial, legal and practical challenges.

To improve understanding of how to enhance cybersecurity for companies, this panel will bring different perspectives together in order to discuss issues related to organisational cybersecurity. Crucial in the debate are the issues regarding the privacy and data protection of employees, and the need for legitimate and transparent security measures at company level.