A Collective Awareness Platform for Promoting Dark Skies in Europe

Artificial light at night is associated with the sense of security, wealth and modernity. Hence, artificial light became an irreplaceable instrument for human activities after the onset of darkness. The illumination of the nightscape thus increases in intensity, time and space. A growing community is concerned about this increasing illumination of natural nightscapes, because of escalating negative effects on biodiversity, nightlife habitats, visibility of stars and astronomical phenomena as well as on human well being. Raising awareness on the impacts and on the simple measures how quality of artificial lighting can reduce them, will not only comfort nature and the general public, but also help to save energy and thus tax payer’s money.

Shortly after the ceremonial closing of the International Year of the Light 2015 (UNESCO), the EU project STARS4ALL opened its activities. The Horizon2020 ICT project will develop a collective awareness platform to encourage citizens to care and preserve the natural darkness of European nightscapes. For the first time partners from the domains of information and communication technology, social science, economy, astronomy, and ecology will join forces and expertise to create self-sustainable light pollution initiatives. These initiatives will be addressing as many disciplines and domains as possible and will offer a platform for citizen actions in order to increase the awareness of the manifold environmental problems of light pollution.

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