Ensure corporate Cybersecurity over time


In an era of growing economic and geopolitical uncertainty and the ever increasing pervasiveness of cybercrime, the main issue faced by companies, public authorities and organizations, regardless of their size, is the need to protect their information. Any company wishing to mitigate the risk associated with the growing number of threats must take action to ensure that its cybersecurity is sustainable, not in terms of energy consumption or from a merely financial standpoint, but also in terms of technology, processes, people and, most of all, knowledge.



What are the benefits of protecting a company with sustainable cybersecurity?

Continuous security, i.e., an ongoing understanding of the new threats and problems relating to emerging technologies

Sustainable reduction in risk exposure with a focus on the human factor, involving and updating all company positions with awareness, training and learning.

Suitably scaled action in terms of technology, economic resources, processes, the human factor and training needs.

Spreading and promoting the Key Facts of Cybersecurity among non-specialists, because a cyberattack affects the company’s operations and business as a whole.


How do we guarantee sustainable cybersecurity?

Sustainable cybersecurity entails a holistic approach that encompasses the human factor, governance and the specific features of the various technologies in order to optimize and guarantee long-term security and sustainability in terms of costs, skills, technology and processes.


We work with organizations to draw the big picture of cyber risks and come up with an associated remediation plan to minimize them.


We assess the security level of an identity management platform, both in terms of security protocols and through vulnerability assessment and penetration tests.


We measure the cyber risk arising from the human factor and test the resilience and operational efficiency of the people who work in the organizations when they are under stress and in emergency situations.


We identify, define and represent the Key Security Indicators and Key Risk Indicators to be used by the corporate cybersecurity department and also by non-professionals. We identify, define and present the key security indicators and key risk indicators to be used by the corporate cybersecurity department and by non-professionals as well.


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