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IoT technology is an opportunity to make both production plants and everyday objects smart.

Digital technologies are a smart factory enabler. Since there has never been such an abundance of attractive alternatives, companies are forced to make the right decisions when planning and implementing the digitalization of their plants.

Nowadays, product innovation means rethinking one’s products so they are smart, so they have the chance to retain and satisfy customers, build services based on a user needs analysis, create new sustainable business models and optimize the production process.



What are the benefits of building a digitalization strategy?

Assessment of your plants and definition of strategic improvement objectives.

Identification and planning of the most useful and effective initiatives for each piece of machinery, plant or group of plants.

Generation of new value for consumers and the company by designing sustainable models to bring new products to the market.

Expansion of the offer by proposing a bundled product/service (servitization) to more effectively meet customers’ needs.


How do we enable the creation of smart factories and smart products?

Cefriel’s services combine design thinking with lean, agile practices to support customers in a complete digital transformation of their business and products.

Manufacturing Digital Strategy

We define a digital maturity model for the company, creating a “digital passport” that allows us to chart possible digitalization paths to achieve corporate objectives.


We define the governance process and tool in order to manage digital initiatives and monitor the project portfolio based on the progress of the plant initiatives, feedback, results and measurable impacts.

Machinery/Plant initiatives

We help companies plan and deploy digitalization initiatives to achieve their business goals.

Servitization Journey Design

We outline new services and business models based on data generated by plant and machinery: from thinking up a new service to mapping the user journey and the user experience for everyone involved.

Smart Product Strategize

We define the value proposition of the smart product and the value for customers, with an analysis of the product use contexts and the user experience and an initial assessment of technological feasibility.

Smart Product

We define possible directions, specifying the company’s desired performance and how it wants to improve the user experience by adopting solutions on the market or designing new ones after technological scouting.

to the market

We follow the journey from the construction of the initial prototype and pilot testing in the field, to the engineered product. The data generated and collected by smart products are the basis for the development of new services associated with the smart product and its scale up.


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