Cefriel and Politecnico di Milano have partnered with Nestlé to develop specialized digital skills within the company


March 6, 2023

The corporate Master “Data Engineering and Applied Intelligence” created for Nestlé by Cefriel with Politecnico di Milano and has recently concluded. The Master is one of the 80+ university master degrees that Cefriel offers to business professionals for the development of advanced digital skills and their application at work.

Cefriel has been supporting Nestlé since 2015, collaborating on digital innovation projects in various business and functional areas: from internal company initiatives, to achieve efficiency and enable new business opportunities, to customer-facing projects for better engagement of the end customer. The relationship has consolidated and developed over the years on different technological areas from IoT (Internet of Things) to IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), data analytics, innovative methods and tools for data visualization, digital ecosystems.

The design of the Master was part of this collaboration to grow the company’s capabilities in data management: Cefriel and Nestlé co-designed the skills needed to upskill a selected international team of 20 professionals who were entrusted with supporting business development through the application of advanced Data Engineering and Artificial Intelligence techniques.

At the end of the 2-year program, which included 400 hours of online lessons in English and individual project work, 20 participants from the main geographical areas of the company graduated. The curriculum covered different topics of Data Engineering, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, developing skills needed for the management of the entire process from Data Ingestion to Data Preparation, to Advanced Data Analytics and Deep Learning models.

The project works carried out in the last months of the program and discussed in the final presentation showed a wide range of possible applications of these skills, from the analysis of marketing and sales data to the development of data assets shared between different functions.

“One of the key building blocks of Nestlé’s enterprise data and analytics strategy is Talent and Culture pillar supported by Data Literacy. This program was a key step on this journey not only for practitioners but also business translators who are now up-skilled with capabilities that enable Nestlé to drive its purpose” – highlighted Vikrant Bhan, Head of Analytics, Data & Integration at Nestlé IT. “For Nestlé IT, investing in future ready capabilities that are critical for the evolution of the digital transformation is key to our success, and we are excited for 2023 new initiatives.” – says Jelena Trajkovic, Head of IT Global Capability Building.

The program also included the participation of 12 Business Translators, who learned a methodology to identify business solutions based on data analysis. The Faculty of the Master included professors and experts from the Department of Electronics, Information and Bioengineering (DEIB) of the Politecnico di Milano and Cefriel.

The impact of the Master therefore goes beyond the acquisition of new skills: it has proved to be an opportunity to contribute to the professional growth of the participants and, at the same time, to the development of innovative initiatives to support business and processes in areas of the company where data is becoming critical.

“Cefriel designs and delivers Master of the Politecnico di Milano related to IT and digital topics, customizing the contents according to the professional role and ensuring the application of learnings in practice through the project works – says Roberta Morici, head of Cefriel’s Training programs. The most innovative companies such as Nestlé, but also Allianz, Bosch, PwC, ST and others, design Corporate Masters to meet different needs: attraction of young newly-graduate talents, high-level specialized training certified by the Politecnico di Milano, medium-long term retention, and an acceleration of the ability to generate high-impact innovation”.

Cefriel was founded in 1988 by Politecnico di Milano with the aim of creating a bridge between universities and industry in the ICT sector, sharing knowledge and helping companies grow. Today, Cefriel is a center of excellence for digital innovation that has among its members three other universities, the Lombardy Region and 18 multinational companies. Its activities include the design of digital products, services and processes, participation in national and international research and the development of specialized skills on ICT issues.