0-100 CompanyTM: zero pain, 100 gain business stories


March 15, 2022

“Cefriel’s 0-100 CompanyTM model makes it possible to scientifically structure the company’s needs and ambitions and establish how to use digital technologies to help build and manage a coherent, well-structured growth and development path. On the first hand, it minimizes or eliminates obstacles to the company’s development (zero pain) and on the second, it maximizes the objectives that they set (so they can reach 100)”. This is the 0-100 CompanyTM model according to Gianluca Ripa, author of the white paper. He has worked at Cefriel for years, helping companies gain the expertise they need to enable data governance and build digital innovation paths.

“We have worked in digital innovation for 30 years with medium and large Italian and international companies and with the public administration. We use the 0-100 CompanyTM model as a useful tool to help companies structure the right innovation path, since a typical error committed in recent years by those working with technologies is singing their praises without the ability to align their potential with the companies’ real needs. Companies should not adopt digital technologies just for the pleasure of it, but because they meet needs or can help seize on opportunities. Users don’t always have a clear understanding of this and they should be guided in the process.”

Which companies have initiated 0-100 processes?

A large number of companies have, with Cefriel’s support, strategically embarked on the path to become a data-driven company based on the identified pain/gain.


The multinational group needed a consolidated global approach that balanced efficiency with other value drivers to make the value of its services clear to internal business partners. To do this, we designed and created a global dashboard equipped with a complete set of performance indicators measuring traditional and innovative parameters. This drove a “100 Value Creation” improvement.

MGS’s performance dashboard is an interactive data visualization and exploration tool. It continuously monitors the performance of multiple service lines based on an extensive set of KPIs. The dashboard features a complex central architecture which is invisible to users and engineered to automatically receive data from over twenty business systems.

As Mars says, “This was a great example of Reciprocity: the synergy between the Mars initiative and Cefriel’s project enabled us to rapidly create a made-to-measure data lake for analytics to resolve a specific business problem.”


In collaboration with Cefriel, Fameccanica adopted a software tool based on the talking machine concept so it could “talk” to machinery and carry out targeted maintenance. Cefriel designed and developed a solution that enabled Fameccanica to digitize operators’ experience and knowledge, turning them into assets available to the entire company. It also halved the amount of time requested of end customers for a format change and optimized final inspection times by roughly 30%. Furthermore, the training covered the entire company population with over 600 people involved in spreading a new digital culture.

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