New Space, New Energy

After thirty years since the foundation of Cefriel, we moved to our new premises in  Viale Sarca 226, into entirely renewed spaces. It’s an important step in the evolution of our brand identity, that, after being disclosed with the  launch of the new Logo, back in October 2016, get a tangible shape in these new spaces, designed to facilitate our way of working and of co-working. Nearly half of the available area is dedicated not to offices or to the open spaces, but to locations devoted to collaboration, creativity, education, and empowerment.

The “Cefriel Experience Center”

On the ground floor, Cefriel makes itself available to the City, to the client companies, to the other research centers, with the new Cefriel Experience Center

Logo Experience Center

It is an area devoted to collaboration, education and knowledge transfer.

The “heart” of the Experience Center is composed by 4 reconfigurable spaces, that can be used as classrooms for educational activities as well as premises to be used for workshops or events promoted by us or by other actors in our Innovation Network.

Another key component is the Demo Room, that will allow visitors to touch with their hands the most interesting applications of the digital technologies. The first “permanent exhibition” in the Demo Room will be EIT Digital‘s iCenter, that shows our projects developed with EIT around the Industry 4.0 stream.

The Experience Center is completed by a wide co-working space, that will be mainly used by the start-ups and by the colleagues of EIT Digital’s Milanese satellite.

Cefriel, Episode III


So we’re back in the Bicocca neighborhood, where everything began, thirty years ago. Third address; a beautiful story that goes on.

Sure, we’ve grown in number and the premises in via Fucing weren’t big enough; but, as much as anything, we’ve changed, every day we renew ourselves and the space we live in must be able to renew itself as well, to maximize the outcome of our daily work.