IoT Engineer

The Internet of Things is one of the main trends in the market nowadays, and a big opportunity for companies. The technology landscape is heavily fragmented as plenty of solutions are available in the market to implement the different layers of a full stack IoT initiative. Further complexity is represented by the rapidly growing number of players in the market, the quick evolution of cloud platforms, the new services becoming mainstream such as ML and AI applications.

As a super parties player in the market, Cefriel approach aims to identify the set of technologies that best fit with the IoT project to be implemented. Still a full understanding of the technology offer and the trends enables envisioning new applications.

The project aims to run a comparative analysis of the main IoT cloud platforms on the market so as to build a strong understanding of their level of application. It is required to build PoCs on the different platforms thus to have a complete experience, without limiting to on paper analysis. A ranking matrix shall be defined to enable collecting the experience in the development of the PoC. State-of-the-art services shall be involved, such as Machine Learning, Edge computing, Streaming analysis.

The candidate will acquire knowledge of full stack Internet of Things technologies and a methodology for experimenting and evaluating.

The candidate will work in an agile team with constant interactions.


Basic knowledge of physics and electronics.

Knowledge of C, C++ programming language.

Knowledge of Node.JS programming language.

Duration and place

Duration is to be defined.

The position is available immediately.

It is headquartered in Milan.

How to apply

Send your cv at