Internship on Semantic Interoperability

Semantic interoperability is one of the European Commission challenges that consists in the establishment of a framework to enable the business applications belonging to European travel and transport industry players to ‘interoperate’. This will provide the travelers with comprehensive information on the available transport options, along with the corresponding processes for their booking, payment, ticketing, consumption, and modification.

Cefriel is working toward the concrete realization of the semantic interoperability vision, by designing and developing a set of ICT solutions: the Semantic Asset Manager, i.e., an organized collection of different asset types (e.g., datasets, web services, ontologies) enhanced by tools for publication, governance and discovery; the semantic converters, i.e., software components enabling semantic interoperability between systems adopting non-interoperable standards (e.g. different data formats describing similar transportation-related concepts).

The internship is related to Cefriel participation in European collaborative research&development projects. The intern will cooperate both with Cefriel internal team and with the network of Italian and European partners involved in such endeavor, in a dynamic and challenging environment. We expect the intern to “learn on the job” with our support; we greatly appreciate proactivity and willingness to try out new technologies and tools beyond the state-of-the-art; working proficiency of the Italian and English languages is highly recommended to work in the team.


Database and data model design (mandatory)

Web technologies (mandatory)

Semantic Web technologies (desired)

Data extraction and transformation (desired)

Service/API design (desired)

Duration and place

Duration is to be defined; there is a possibility to extend the collaboration at the end of the internship

The position is available immediately

It is headquartered in Milan

How to apply

Send your cv at