Internship human computation

Human Computation is the active involvement of human contributors to data and knowledge organization; some notable examples are crowdsourcing platforms like Mechanical Turk and challenge-response tests like reCAPTCHA that, while distinguishing humans from robots, also assist books digitization. When computational problems cannot be fully solved automatically, harnessing human intelligence provides a solution by involving people to carry out specific tasks in a knowledge-intensive process.

Cefriel has been working on Human Computation solutions by successfully designing, implementing, deploying and evaluating playful applications to engage target users. The main research challenges are: engaging human contributors in intelligent processing workflows; exploiting tangible and intangible rewards to incentivize people; improving data processing by combining human and machine intelligence (human in the loop).

The internship is related to Cefriel participation in European collaborative research&development projects. The goal is to design, develop and test Web-based applications contributing to Human Computation pipelines. The intern will cooperate both with Cefriel internal team and with the network of Italian and European partners involved in such endeavor, in a dynamic and challenging environment. We expect the intern to “learn on the job” with our support; we greatly appreciate proactivity and willingness to try out new technologies and tools beyond the state-of-the-art; working proficiency of the Italian and English languages is highly recommended to work in the team.


Web design and development (mandatory)

Data Management basics (mandatory)

Chatbots/conversational interfaces and Gamification (desired)

Data Analytics/Machine Learning (desired)

Semantic Web technologies (desired)

Duration and place

Duration is to be defined; there is a possibility to extend the collaboration at the end of the internship

The position is available immediately

It is headquartered in Milan

How to apply

Send your cv at