Industry 4.0 indoor tracking

We are seeking an intern to join our team working on indoor tracking solutions for the industry 4.0 sector, as Analyst and Full-Stack Developer.

The person we are looking for will be involved in the development of a portable solution that will be able to monitor the movements of means and/or the factory components, to maximize routes and supply timescales.

The first part of the internship will be focused on the study of technologies and model of use cases. Another part will concentrate on SW developing the Proof of Concept with different technologies, and validating them in terms of performance and accuracy. During the last part, he or she will be involved in the developing of the prototype.

The candidate will be supervised by a Subject Matter Expert and by a Project Manager for the working method, so that the intern will be given the best learning opportunities.


The person we are looking for has developed skills, both mobile (Android e iOS), embedded & cloud computing paradigms.

Our ideal candidate can work in agile teams, is proactive, has a problem-solving approach and good communication skills.


Master Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or equivalent.

Place and Time

Place of work is Milan, Via Renato Fucini 2.

Duration is approximately 6 months.

The internship is a chance of getting hired.

Internship CMS and PHP developer for education

Cefriel is working on a project in which there is the need to setup and customize (with plugin development) a tool for managing training courses and competencies. The tool will be accessible through a web interface that will be customized during the stage and the tool will leverage a Content Management System to offer selected features. The candidate will support the team to select setup and configure a possible tool and, if necessary, in the customization. The candidate will acquire knowledge of Content Management Systems and web applications together with competencies in the configuration and customization of these systems.



Basic Knowledge of web applications, WordPress and CMS.

Knowledge of web programming and PHP programming.

AR App Developer

Cefriel is looking for a graduate, who will be involved in the development of AR apps, for Industrial field.

Thanks to our multidisciplinary team, you’ll learn to project and implement a complete AR User Experience.

With the support of senior colleagues, and starting from an experimentation of whole SW and HR technologies, you’ll learn to develop AR app, to realise Proof of Concept for playful contests.

For example, how can we integrate AR instruments with wearable devices, for the AR interfaces management on Smart Glasses / helmets board?



  • Good knowledge of Vuforia, Wikitude, Unity,
  • Experience in develop iOS or Android app;
  • HTML5/CSS2-3/JQuery/AngularJS interfaces;
  • windows app, Java and .net development

Duration and place

Duration is to be defined.

The position is available immediately.

It is headquartered in Milan.