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Wearables London

On 29 January 2015, in London, Giordano Sassaroli of CEFRIEL will introduce D-Air® - The Wearable Air Bag for motorcyclists at the Wearables London event, focused on exploring the convergence between Fashion and Wearable Technology.

Filippo Passerini, Chief Global Strategist in CEFRIEL

Milan, 26 January 2015

In a market context that requires not only to run faster but to change the way we run, CEFRIEL announces the collaboration with Filippo Passerini, who will contribute to define the strategic guidelines useful to strengthen the center’s growth, thanks to his extensive and prestigious professional experience.

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Urban Life and Mobility

On December 18th, in Paris, Irene Celino of CEFRIEL will be a speaker on “3cixty goes to Universal Expo Milano 2015” within Urban Life and Mobility – EIT ICT Labs Results Day.

3cixty is a platform aimed at providing citizens instantaneous access to rich and integrated city information as it had never been possible before, and it will be showcased at Universal Expo Milano 2015.

Spearphishing: One every five users falls in the trap

Social Engineering is the most important strategy for infection with malware today. Moreover, massive use of mails can reach a lot of victims at a time, since you don’t need talented hackers for that and they just address tons of users at once. In this scenario, traditional training methods with teachers and posters are not very effective, and, even, three months after training, there is no more difference in the user’s reaction to phishing mails.

These are some of the main topics highlighted in the article Spearphishing: Jeder Fünfte geht in die Falle (One every five users falls in the trap), published on heise Security on November, 22nd 2014, which reports the talk held by Enrico Frumento and Roberto Puricelli of CEFRIEL at DeepSec 2014, the prestigious international Conference on information security.

An innovative and comprehensive framework for Social Driven Vulnerability Assessment, the detailed CEFRIEL presentation at DeepSec 2014.