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Concept-Oriented Research and Development in Information Technology

Research, Innovation, Technology Transfer and the CEFRIEL Experience are the key concepts of the “Advancing Knowledge and Evolving Society” Chapter, the contribution featured by Alfonso Fuggetta in the Concept-Oriented Research and Development in Information Technology book, First Edition, edited by Kinji Mori, and published 2014 by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Alfonso Fuggetta at ICSE 2014

At ICSE 2014, the International Conference on Software Engineering in Hyderabad, India, within the Future of Software Engineering session on Wednesday, June 4th, Alfonso Fuggetta and Elisabetta Di Nitto of Politecnico di Milano have held a speech on their “Software Process” paper, featured as a travelogue of Software Process research and practice in the past 15 years.

Since 2000, in fact, the landscape of Software Process research has significantly evolved: technological breakthroughs and market disruptions have defined new and complex challenges for Software Engineering researchers and practitioners. In this paper, Fuggetta and Di Nitto provide an overview of the current status of research and practice, highlight new challenges, and provide a non-exhaustive list of research issues that, in their view, need to be tackled by future research work.

CEFRIEL is the new satellite of EIT ICT Labs for innovation in Milan

Starting May 2014 EIT ICT Labs has opened a new innovation centre in Italy in Milan, which works as a satellite of the Italian node based in Trento.The Milan Satellite, hosted on CEFRIEL premises, will work closely together with the Co-Location Centre of Trento and its strong partner network consisting of Italian excellences in ICT higher education, research and industry.

The affiliation of the CEFRIEL to the EIT ICT Labs”, comments Alfonso Fuggetta, CEO of CEFRIEL, “represents not only an important growth opportunity for the centre, but also helps to enrich and promote innovation activities of the EIT ICT Labs in Italy and strengthen international collaborations”.

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CEFRIEL is one of the National Champions for Italy in the European Business Awards 2013

For the third time, CEFRIEL excellence arrives at the European Business Awards, the prestigious competition enhancing and promoting business success across the European Union.
After being selected as one of the Country Representatives in 2010 and 2011, CEFRIEL has once again been officially selected as National Champion for Italy in the European Business Awards 2013.